Improving your credit after filing for Bankruptcy in New York

Want to know the easiest way to re-establish credit after filing for Bankruptcy in New York?  Auto Bill Pay. Yes….yes…auto bill-pay.  Approximately 35% of your credit score is determined by your credit history(which means making payment after payment on time.)  The easiest way to ensure that is to make sure that your bills are paid automatically.  No late fees, no charges, no delinquencies.  Not only will it ensure your credit score will go much higher over the long term, but it will also ensure discipline on your part.  Discipline will show potential lenders (if you need credit-responsibly used-down the road) that you are less of a risk.

There is legitimately no need to hire outside companies who promise to improve your credit score, for a price. Many of them use shady tactics that can actually put you back in a credit hole from which you are now coming out of.  After successfully completing Bankruptcy, your credit score will go up on it’s own.  There is nothing you need to do to aid it or fix it in any way.

So heed the advice of a New York City Bankruptcy lawyer and put all of your bills on auto bill pay and watch your score rise.