The Bankruptcy Lifestyle

By: Daniel Gershburg, Esq.

Let me just say that there are certain things Bankruptcy can do and certain things it cannot.  If you come to our firm to get a fresh start and you meet certain requirements under the Bankruptcy Code, rest assured you have a good chance of erasing your unsecured debt and getting a fresh start.  If, however, you seek to simply get rid of unsecured credit card debt, but your expenses are STILL surpassing your monthly income, then you should not be hiring an attorney.  Instead, what you should be doing is downsizing your life.  You need not worry about credit cards if, even without them, you still could not pay for your every day living expenses.  If that’s the case its time to rethink your financial life from the ground up.  House too big?  Car too expensive?  Too many dinners out?  You need to take a good hard look at these things before simply believing that Bankruptcy will cure all financial ills.  

Daniel Gershburg Esq., is a Bankruptcy & Real Estate attorney serving  clients in Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Staten Island, Long Island and Westchester.  Mr. Gershburg has given lectures and presentations to both attorneys and the community at large surrounding Bankruptcy and financial advocacy in the New York City area. He is a proud member of the National Association of Consumer Advocates.   Currently he is working on his first book giving practical advice about repairing troubled credit and how to improve credit post Bankruptcy