Fighting Mel S. Harris and the rest…

Ive been receiving more and more calls from clients stating that their funds have been frozen by Mel S. Harris & Associates, Rubin & Rothman, Pressler & Pressler, etc even when they claim they don’t owe a debt or they were never served.

Here is the deal:  The sheer volume of work these firms have precludes them from doing a thorough analysis (solely in my opinion) on a persons current address or residencd, and whether the debt is owed.  They are dealing with literally thousands of these cases and therefore you get caught somewhere in the middle.

As cliche as it sounds the most important thing to know is you can in fact fight back and get what you need.  There are multiple ways where we can help you unfreeze your accounts, get the garnishments to stop, or even settle these cases if in fact there is a valid debt.

I am well aware of the fact that some of these so called debts may have occurred 5, 6 or even 7 years ago and you have no idea what the debt is for, or the company who is suing you.  Thats because these creditors sell debt to one another quite often.  So the Citibank Visa debt you owe may actually now belong to LVNV Funding LLC or Midland Funding or a number of others.  There are many ways to decipher this.

But here is my advice on what you should NOT do.  Don’t call these law firms and look to settle right away.  The statute of limitations on these debts is 6 years from default, and you calling them to “settle” will restart that whole clock all over again.  Many of these debts may not even be collectable in the first place.  Moreover, don’t rely on these places to send you written confirmation of anything.  In other words, if they want you to pay, and you think the debt is legitimate, dont send a dollar in until they send you written proof of the amount of settlement, the terms, and also language stating that they will notify the three credit bureaus of the settlement.  DO NOT GO INTO A PANIC WHEN YOU GET THESE.  Thats the worst thing you can do.  There are tons of ways to fight back but you need to remember to have a calm head about you when you do.