How long does a usual Chapter 7 Bankruptcy take in New York

So you’re concerned about filing Bankruptcy and one of the main reasons you are concerned is because you’re fearful as to how long the entire process will take.  Usually, and again I am saying “usually” a Bankruptcy will take approximately 3-4 months to complete.

The first step is actually filing the case, which your trusty lawyer does.  Upon filing, you’ll receive a notice in the mail giving you a court date for your Meeting of the Creditors, or, as we fancy schmancy lawyers call it, the 341 meeting.  If you have provided all the answers and documents the Trustee is looking for, he/she will “close” the meeting (sounds ominous but its actually good.)  At this point, sit back and wait for something called a “Discharge” in the mail.  In essence, the Trustee will look over your file, and allow any creditors some time to object to the Bankruptcy.  When/if the deadline passes for the creditors, and no creditors object, you’ll receive a discharge and, thereafter, notice that your case is over.