Will my New York City Bankruptcy affect my prospects for getting a job?

The best answer I can give to the question of  “Will me filing a Bankruptcy in Brooklyn or in Manhattan affect the way an employer looks at my application?”  In my opinion, no.  I have several reasons for this opinion.  The first, and perhaps most important one is that if your employer is not a large employer (20 employees or less lets say ), I do not think they will run background/credit checks, etc.  However, I could be wrong.  And that brings me to point #2:  If your resume shows you have great experience in the field, and you do great on your interview, your employer will likely not care that you file a Bankruptcy in New York.  Again, experience and the way you handle yourself counts for much more to an employer than does some unnamed financial troubles that you have gotten yourself into.  Personally, if I was hiring someone, and they have experiences in law offices and can multi task and deal with my personality, I couldn’t care less if they made a mistake and bought a home they couldn’t afford several years back.  I would think, especially in these times, that many other employers would feel the same way.

This is also brings me to my final reason surrounding hiring and the filing of a Bankruptcy in Brooklyn or New York:  EVERYONE IS DOING IT! Its literally become the cool thing to do.  The majority of people you encounter in the street are likely having financial issues.  Whether it be job loss, too much house, too many credit card debts, illness, etc., it’s likely that they are having serious credit issues as well.  Many many many people are filing for Bankruptcy, or at least have negative information on their credit report.  Therefore, your fear that your credit report would stand out is unfounded at best.  Our country has an unemployment rate hovering around ten percent.  Foreclosures and credit card defaults are soaring.  Do not think for one second that you are the only person in this position, and think more about sprucing up your resume and interview skills.  Believe me, if an employer sees you know how to do a good job, they will overlook any credit issues you may have had.

Oh, and my final reason for stating that an employer will not discriminate against you for your filing a Bankruptcy in New York:  Its illegal!