New York City Bankruptcy Lawyer Daniel Gershburg records interview to be used in law school

As your trusty New York City Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney I use this blog to talk about issues you may have if you’re filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New York, or if you’re Purchasing or Selling a condo/co-op/house in New York City.  Today I just wanted to tale a moment and announce how privileged and grateful I feel to be approached, and ultimately interviewed by two very well known journalists on an amazing program they have put together in New York City.  The basic jist of the interview surrounded my experience as a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney in New York City, as well as the issues surrounding starting a practice and why I decided to start one (because I think I can help people by doing things like calling them back quickly, charging low fees, actually having a friendly relationship with clients, etc.)  In any case, I would like to thank all of you for all of your continued support to this site and to the practice.  Will let you know more details as they emerge.