Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Daniel Gershburg opens New Jersey practice

We’ve had some amazing news the past few weeks.  The first piece of news is our expansion into New Jersey.  I set out to start this firm with the sole objective of changing the way a conventional law firm operates.  I thought that maybe clients want to talk in a no pressure, informal fashion.  As a client, I wanted to be able to book my appointment online, so we added that feature.  I wanted to make sure the attorney was credible, and had handled cases like this before, so we asked our prior clients to leave use reviews (past performance is no guarantee of future results–they make us say it).  I wanted a video blog where I actually get to see the lawyer I want to hire, so we added that.  We designed everything as if we were the client.  And now we’re expanding into New Jersey.

We’re very confident the same methods we use in New Jersey when speaking with our prospective clients will work just as well with a Bankruptcy client in Newark.  Or if someone owns a home in, lets say, Hoboken, we want to give you the same easy to understand information about filing Bankruptcy as you would get if you were our client in New York.  I’ve also hired an associate, Danielle Spallino, J.D. (Pending Bar Admission).  Shes loves what she does and everyone notices.  She shares the same philosophy we do.  She’ll be in New Jersey as often as I will.  So the basic point is this.  If you’re looking for Bankruptcy Attorney in New Jersey, whether it be for a Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13; if you want to know if you can keep your car in New Jersey and still file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, or any other questions, were now here.