Means Test number for filing Bankruptcy in Brooklyn have changed

The U.S. Trustees office has released new Means Test numbers for those people filing for Bankruptcy in New York City. These numbers, on their face, basically tell you how much income you can make before your Bankruptcy filing is considered to be a “presumption of abuse.” In other words, if you make more than $45,548 as a single filer in New York, under the first step of the Means Test, a presumption of abuse arises and you have to go to the second step of the Means Test to see if you qualify for Bankruptcy. The link for the most up to date numbers is attached here In any event, looking at these numbers only gives you a small idea of whether or not you may qualify for Bankruptcy.

For instance, if you have two people living in your home, including yourself, but only one person is filing, you would look to see what the income limit for a two person household is, regardless of whether or not you are both filing for Bankruptcy in New York.

This is where a good lawyer comes in.  There are literally a ton of variables that go into whether or not you can file a particular case and if you qualify. Talk to a Bankruptcy lawyer before you make your decision.  Dont go at it alone.  And everyone…VOTE TODAY!!!