Rubin and Rothman phone harassment

Im a Bankruptcy attorney in New York city who just got screamed at by a non attorney “representative” at Rubin and Rothman. Yup, true story. My client retained us to dispute the existence of an underlying debt from 2005. And we called discussing validation (a right that each and every one of you out there have to ensure that the debt they are trying to collect is accurate.) The conversation took a pretty sour turn once we advised this “representative” that the client had properly sent in a validation request. Called me every name in the book. When I asked to speak to his/her supervisor, the rep said “No, call back”. I did, and spoke to an attorney there. And, by the way, the attorneys there, despite popular opinion, really are caring individuals who are decent to speak with. I described the situation and its being dealt with internally. Furthermore, we were able to discuss my clients issue and its moving along well now.

Let me just say that this was an important lesson to learn. Sometimes, as attorneys, we know what you clients go through, but we dont necessarily experience it. I can tell you that now Ive experienced it. So, the lesson here is that when you’re dealing with an abusive representative, don’t get caught up in a screaming match (as hard as it is…and…it is hard not to). Call back and deal with someone else. If that doesn’t work, turn to an attorney to contact them. Theres always a way around this in New York.