I want to file Bankruptcy in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, but I also want to keep my tax refund

So keep it.  The new Bankruptcy Law passed in New York this past January allows you some incredibly interesting options in terms of your assets.  You can now “opt out” of New York State exemptions and use the Federal ones.  In English what that means is if you don’t own a home (or if you do and it has no equity) you can now use a a Wild Card Exemption that the Federal Rules provide you and protect up to $10,800 of property.  Thats right.  Have $10,000 in the bank account?  Now, in most situations, you can protect that while still filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Bay Ridge (or, for that matter, anywhere else in New York City).  The new law has made it much easier for clients who have several dependents and receive a large tax refund to keep it and still get rid of unsecured debt.  There are various other aspects in the new law as well that allow you to exempt hundreds of thousands of dollars of equity in your home (and God bless you if you have it) and still file for Bankruptcy.  We’ve had a ton of inquiries and some people who couldn’t file before because they didnt want to lose property, can now file.