Rubin and Rothman froze my bank account but I dont want to file for Bankruptcy

Let me just say something here. Our offices do Chapter 7 Bankruptcy work across all 5 boroughs and Long Island and we still have many of these issues arise from clients. Let me be honest with you….if you have a bank account thats frozen, it’s likely, not guaranteed, but likely that you have plenty of other debts in your name. Debts you cannot afford to pay. Debts that have built up interest and penalties for years and years and years. Get rid of them if you want to get a fresh start in your financial life.

I’m not allowed to offer advice here really. Its supposed to be an informative blog that lets you know about recent issues in the Bankruptcy and Real Estate field, but lets be real for a second. If you’re settling some debt for 50% of what its worth, but you have $20,000 in other debt that you cant pay off, whats the point of settling that debt. If you could file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and be done with them all, for a fraction of what it would cost to settle each one, why wouldn’t you? Think your credit will be worse off? Not true. I can show you articles and studies. Think they’re going to take your stuff? Unlikely. New York has some of the most liberal exemptions in the Country now (thanks Governor Patterson-he never heard that phrase much, did he?). There is zero reason to unfreeze your bank account by settling on debts IF you have plenty of other debts you can’t pay. Why? Because those other creditors will likely try and freeze your accounts. Now we’re back to square one.

Look, to be honest, lawyers get paid either way. If they’re settling court cases or filing Bankruptcy. But I can’t express how much better Chapter 7 usually is for peoples livelihoods, pockets, and credit. Once you get around the whole “stigma” surrounding Bankruptcy, you realize how much more it can do for you. I know I sound like Im selling Bankruptcy Time Shares, but its really the case.

Like a warm and loving family member, we are here for you. Unlike a warm and loving family member, we will not ask to borrow your car.