Park Slope Blogging for AOL HuffingtonPost, Teaching, pocketsquares,etc…

This is more of a news update than any blog based on general legal advice. First, some great news: I’ve been accepted by the good folks at (AOL HuffingtonPost) to be a blogger on Park Slope legal affairs. What the hell does that mean? Well, realistically it means I get to blog about legal issues surrounding an area of Brooklyn that I love. But more than that I get to offer real, practical advice about things I discuss on a day to day basis. Namely, what do you look for when purchasing a new construction condominium in Park Slope? Or, how do you know if the developer is telling you everything? What if you have a business in Park Slope and you can’t make rent and you want to possibly declare Bankruptcy? I want to make these topics more accessible for our readers, and obviously grow our readership as a result. gives me a great portal with which to do that.

Second, and just as importantly, I’ve realized just how amazing and fulfilling giving out information that helps us. Its the reason I do this blog. Some lawyers think that the information we have is ours, and we should treasure it, put a price on it, and never give it away for free. I think thats insanity. We now have “The Google” and “Internet”. These new inventions allow for much better clients. You guys know exactly the questions to ask when you call me. You’ve done your research, which makes my job all the more easier and it allows me to help you much quicker. In that spirit, I’m going to be making some exciting announcements in the next few days about teaching opportunities that we’re going to be collaborating on. Again, the goal is to get you the information you want and need about filing for Bankruptcy or purchasing real estate in New York, in a much easier fashion.

Finally, as I sit here, not 100 yards from Ground Zero (Im not sitting on the floor, that would be creepy. Our office is located right next to Ground Zero) I can’t help but feel great about where we’ve come in the practice. We’re helping so many people get out of financial trouble. We’re helping so many people buy or sell real estate. And we’re doing it in a way in which people said wasn’t possible. They thought I was crazy when I first opened this practice, but I can’t tell you how happy I am that we’ve done it on our own terms. Dont be surprised if we hug you (with your consent, of course) when you’re done with your Bankruptcy meeting. Dont be surprised if we tell stories during a Real Estate closing. We get the legal work done, and we also really treasure our relationships with you. I’ve said this so many times before, but we truly love what we do, and I think it shows.

So, keep looking out for more news from Daniel Gershburg, Esq., P.C. We’re welcoming yet another intern this summer from my alma mater, New York Law School. He seems great, and I think hes going to be a vital part of a growing and dedicated team we have here.

As always, I welcome your thoughts, suggestions, Facebook pokes, etc.