What is $500 for a Bankruptcy filing worth to you?

What is $500 worth to you?  What if I told you the difference between paying We The People USA and a Bankruptcy law firm was $500?  Who would you choose?  What if I told you that for the extra $500 you could get an attorney that would actually show up to Bankruptcy court with you?  What if I told you that for that $500, you can get someone who could answer your questions about whether or not you could keep your home if you file for Bankruptcy?  What if I told you that for $500, if something goes wrong, you can speak to an attorney, and not “Sally in Kansas City.”  What if I told you that for $500, you could actually be prepared for the meeting of the creditors as opposed to walking in cold.  Or, for $500, you could know the implications of filing for Bankruptcy if you have a small business?

People can make all the lawyer jokes they want.  They can scream and shout about lawyers being expensive, or not returning phone calls…or both.  That’s true.  Some lawyers are absolute crap when it comes to customer service.  But you can find good ones.  They’re out there.  You can also find Pro Bono $500 Bankruptcy Lawyers, that will take on your case without you paying a dime.  The thing you SHOULD do, is actually get a lawyer if you’re filing for Bankruptcy in New York, and you have a home, or a car, or a business.  You’ve absolutely no business showing up to Bankruptcy Court on your own when some paper filling organization charged you $400 and sent you on your way.  If offered you $500, but I said for $500 you’d be able to keep your $500,000 home, you’d quickly pay the $500 and be done with it.  You’d likely be able to sleep at night too.  It baffles me-absolutely baffles me- why someone would risk losing everything they own just to save a few bucks.