Jan 2

5 Reasons Not to Buy a House in New York City

Over the past 10 years, I’ve had occasion to represent both buyers, sellers, lenders, and developers in the purchase and sale of properties, and I’ve learned things along the way because I’m essentially a disinterested party. I provide legal advice… READ MORE

Nov 23

Small Business Law for New York City Business

In this podcast, we discuss Small business law for New York City Business.     I wanted to touch upon the differences between hiring a small business attorney and saving some money and using Legal Zoom, or any number of… READ MORE

Nov 5

Bankruptcy and Cancer

My father died on the 7th floor of Weill Cornell Medical Center, one of the finest medical institutions in the world, at the age of 54.  He was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer 88 days prior.  His health insurance… READ MORE

Nov 3

How to Learn to Save Money with Priya Malani of Stash Wealth

Over the past few years I’ve become increasingly interested about people’s relationship to money.  My real estate clients have saved for years towards a downpayment.  My bankruptcy clients couldn’t make ends meet.  The common denominator is that people feel a… READ MORE

Oct 28

What is Title Insurance and do I need it in New York

When I represent clients in the purchase of a condo or home in New York, they always ask me what the deal with title insurance is.  They actually say “Daniel, what’s the deal with title insurance?” Title insurance is an… READ MORE

Oct 26

What documents do I sign at a Closing in NYC

  You’re purchasing a home in New York and you have a closing scheduled.  What’s next?  What documents do I sign at that Closing? This is a question I get all the time when I represent clients in the purchase… READ MORE

Oct 21

Lien Search in a NY Co-Op Purchase

When you purchase a co-op apartment in New York, we always order a lien search as soon as the Contract of sale is signed.  Most of my clients ask me what the hell it is (more like-“How much does a… READ MORE

Oct 17

Mortgage Contingencies in New York Can Protect Your Down Payment

We always have clients who ask: “If something goes wrong during my real estate closing, how can I get my money back?” Here’s the deal: if you’re buying a condo, there are only a few ways to get your deposit… READ MORE