Mar 3

Filing Bankruptcy in New York City and keeping cash

About 6 moths ago, if you had walked into my New York Bankruptcy office and told me that you had $8,000 in your bank account and you wanted to file for Bankruptcy, I would have said be prepared to give up a lot of your money to the Trustee. Not...

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Aug 8

Using a 401k Loan to Make Credit Card payments is a waste of money

As I was reading this past weekend, I happened upon this article The article, in no uncertain terms, finds...

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Jul 7

Updated New York Bankruptcy Limits Means Thousands more will be able to keep their homes and cars and still file

You may now be able to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New York City and keep your home if...

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Apr 4

Personal Bankruptcy and your 401K.

Ive blogged about this before but I want to re-iterate that if you're in deep credit card debt and don't...

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Feb 2

Using Retirement Funds to Pay Your Mortgage

A story published recently details how more and more Americans are beginning to tap into their retirement plans (401(k), IRA,...

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