Nov 11

Unemployment, Bankruptcy and a call for help

The New York Times describes, in bitter detail, the plight of a Medical Billings Analyst who worked at St. Vincents for more than 20 years until she was recently laid off when St. Vincents filed for Bankruptcy.  The analyst, a young women who hasn't had much success with men in...

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Oct 10

Bankruptcy in New York City is dropping; The economy is worse

As a Manhattan Bankruptcy Attorney, over the past few years I've witnessed a boom in Bankruptcy filings across New York...

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Dec 12

Governor Paterson signs new Bankruptcy Exemptions into law in New York

Good morning all. Yes, yes, we all should be out of the office in New York today, but I wanted...

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Aug 8

Manhattan Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney discusses the emotions behind filing for Bankruptcy

When you've dealt with as many Chapter 7 Bankruptcy cases in Manhattan or Brooklyn or Queens as I have, a...

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Jul 7

Updated New York Bankruptcy Limits Means Thousands more will be able to keep their homes and cars and still file

You may now be able to file a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in New York City and keep your home if...

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May 5

When should I file for Bankruptcy in New York City?

Most of my clients come into my New York City Bankruptcy office and say "I should have done this a...

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Mar 3

What if you have assets during a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Manhattan: Dont be Greedy!

by:  Daniel Gershburg, Esq. Lets be real.  No one necessarily wants to file for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in Manhattan as...

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