Dec 12

Will the NYC real estate market crash?

My job is to represent potential purchasers and sellers in Real Estate closings in New York City.  It's pretty cut and dry.   I have no idea where the market is going (although clients always ask me, as does my family).  No idea if people are going to make or...

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Jan 1

Court sides with Homeowner in Foreclosure; Homeowner loses

Recently, Courts in New York have been slamming banks who come to foreclosure conferences and aren't ready or are unwilling...

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Mar 3

How to get a rooftop Cabana and save thousands on a New York Real Estate Purchase

As a New York City Real Estate attorney, I saw the decline in the market a few years back, and...

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May 5

The $8000 tax credit has made first time purchasers in New York absolutely insane

Being a real estate attorney in New York City I can discuss some legalese surrounding Real Estate purchases, but I...

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Oct 10

New York City Bankruptcy Lawyer discusses Loan Modifications

Actually, New York City Bankruptcy Attorney Daniel Gershburg does not discuss loan modifications...but the Wall Street Journal does.  It's not...

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Sep 9

New York City Loan Modifications are not stopping Chapter 7 Bankruptcies in New York

Look, lets face it.  Getting a loan modification in New York is about as likely as walking home to find...

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Jul 7

Manhattan Real Estate Lawyer shows you how to pick a Manhattan Real Estate Attorney

As a New York City Real Estate Attorney, Ive been asked to post this for quite some time.  The reason...

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