Apr 22

Student Loan Debt is the New Black

As it stands right now, Bankruptcy filings across New York seemed to have dropped almost 20% from the same time last year.  The same holds true for the entire United States.  You can attempt to explain this in a variety… READ MORE

Sep 24

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney Daniel Gershburg opens New Jersey practice

We’ve had some amazing news the past few weeks.  The first piece of news is our expansion into New Jersey.  I set out to start this firm with the sole objective of changing the way a conventional law firm operates.… READ MORE

Sep 22

Can I Keep My Car After Filing for Bankruptcy in New Jersey?

One of the main concerns many people have when filing for bankruptcy is whether they can keep their automobiles.  Whether a debtor will be able to prevent auto repossession depends on a variety of factors (just like our previous discussion… READ MORE

Sep 16

Can I Keep My Home if I File for Bankruptcy in New Jersey?

Many people who want to file for bankruptcy in New Jersey refrain from doing so because they are afraid of losing their home in the bankruptcy.  If you own a home and are overwhelmed with unsecured debts, bankruptcy is still… READ MORE

Sep 10

Filing Bankruptcy in New Jersey: Chapter 7 vs. Chapter 13

Many people who are seriously considering filing for bankruptcy do not realize that there is more than one type of bankruptcy.  In New Jersey, an individual can qualify for a chapter 7 and/or chapter 13 bankruptcy.  So, which one is… READ MORE