Jan 1

Lawyers who hate lawyers

This year, in the name of  "networking", I resolved that I would set up more dinners with more lawyers and talk shop.  I was home too often last year (it was splendid), and even though business was good, I thought it would make sense to branch out a bit and see...

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Feb 2

The Radio Shack Bankruptcy and what it can teach law firms

First, a disclaimer:  I typically despise blog posts/comments like these for a few reasons. They seem clickbait-ish Your law firm...

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Sep 9

Lawyers, we’re doing it wrong

On Saturday morning, I read an absolutely wonderful story in the NY Times by Michael Beschloss, one of the best...

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Jul 7

Do not ever discount your legal fees. Ever.

This is more of a practice management post:   Never discount your legal fees.  Ever.  I don't care who the...

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Apr 4

Restaurants, Law Firms, & Bloody Marys

I just returned from an amazing weekend in Charleston, South Carolina.  It cost my girlfriend and I about $100 for...

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Mar 3

Grow your NYC Law Firm in 5 easy steps? There is no secret sauce

Over 186 posts I have covered everything from: "Can I keep my car if I file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy in...

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