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NYC Real Estate attorneys

Approximately 80% of our clients are first time purchasers.

We are New York City Real Estate attorneys and this is the page where we typically tell you we’ve handled hundreds upon hundreds of NYC Real Estate closings that have included everything from a $150,000 co-op in Queens to a $8,000,000 loft in TriBeCa.

This is the page where we typically tell you our staff is experienced and welcomes your questions, and that your emails are responded to immediately.

This is where we typically use some adjectives to describe something about “value” and then tell you we’ll represent your interests in the transaction for a low fee. And while that may be typical, here’s what we think is important:

Approximately 80% of our clients are first time purchasers. We love first time purchasers. We love working with them. We love explaining the process of buying their first home. We love answering every question and demystifying the process, because the feeling we get when they finally close on the place they’ve been dreaming of, cannot be described.

We use software called Basecamp on our website that makes us efficient in what we do. We think it takes too long to get into Contract right now. We want to fix that. We see how our clients have benefited from doing things this way, which means we’re working harder and harder to ensure this keeps happening.

Our clients think that price is important, but not the most important thing when hiring a lawyer. We won’t be the most expensive real estate attorneys in New York, but we won’t be the cheapest either. We don’t shy away from that. Our fixed fee representation starts at $3500. We do not nickel and dime. We do not “surprise” you with a fee. We are upfront in everything we do, because that’s the way we think things should be. We are proud of the work we do, and we’d love to show you why.

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Gershburg Law, P.C.
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4.9 out of 5 stars

Eran Sror
Eran Sror

5 out of 5 stars

posted 10 months ago

Daniel was so helpful and super professional If you ever find yourself in legal concerns or need legal Advice he is the guy to go to! Knowledgeable, kind and has his clients best interest. Absolutely recommend Look no further!

Aridia Polanco
Aridia Polanco

5 out of 5 stars

posted 11 months ago

I worked with Daniel to file for Bankruptcy. He was very thorough, responsive and easy to understand. There is a lot of financial and legal jargon that he made digestible for me. He is quick to get deliverables out and works through an online system that is user friendly. I would recommend him to anyone!

Gary Flynn
Gary Flynn

5 out of 5 stars

posted 8 years ago

Daniel and Danielle (Mostly Danielle) just handled our recent real estate purchase.

I can not say enough good things about them both. My realtor also mentioned after it was done that Danielle was great and he would recommend their office to future clients.

Buying real estate in NYC is not fun at all and this office was charming, thorough, helpful and efficient.

I also thought the price was fair.

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