Here’s what we do when we represent a Purchaser.

The Sellers attorney sends us Contracts of Sale, and that’s when our work begins. We make changes in the Contract to ensure you have enough time to receive a mortgage commitment from your bank and more than enough time to close. We go beyond that and make sure that the Contract states that the place you’re buying is in the condition you expect it to be. That’s just the start.

First time applying for a mortgage in New York? No problem. We’ve worked with every bank under the sun and we can walk you through what you can expect in terms of the application. We also make sure you understand what a “mortgage commitment” is and what it means when your loan is in “underwriting.” More clearly stated — we demystify the process.

The Closing – The day you’ve been waiting for. You’re going to sign a bunch of documents and we’re going to explain each and every one of them to you until you know exactly what it is that you just signed. We’re sitting right next to you throughout, and handling every detail to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Once that’s done, we’ll provide you with a closing statement explaining every cost and every dollar that changed hands that day. It also does wonders for your accountant in helping him/her with tax preparation.