Here’s what we do when we represent a Seller.

We send the Contracts to the Purchasers attorney in 24 hours or less. The sooner they have the Contracts, the sooner they sign. The sooner they sign, the sooner we’re in Contract and the sooner we close.

Once the contracts are signed, we diligently follow thru with all sides to get us to the closing table in the time agreed upon in the Contract. We’re constantly checking with the Purchasers attorney and the Real Estate brokers to see how close we are to closing. Needless to say, we’re also updating you on where everyone is in the process.

When the date of closing comes, we’re right there with you. We prepare all the required documents and make sure you understand everything you signed. We then follow up with a closing statement to make sure you know where every dollar went.

Our goal is to be more responsive than you could have ever imagined, and that you leave the closing without a single unanswered question or concern.