We love being surrounded by entrepreneurship and making dreams become a reality.

daniel-videoWe’re NYC Small Business Attorneys.  We intimately understand the challenges that entrepreneurs face when starting a business venture. Although this is an exciting time, you may also feel overwhelmed at certain points as various things still need to fall in place prior to your business’ launch date. There may even be legal issues that you are aware of or otherwise that still have not been addressed.

Also, as a start-up that has not yet begun doing business, you may be working with a modest budget to address your legal needs. We are all too familiar with the financial constraints that certain start-ups face as they establish their business. To boot, it is the small businesses that often need greater legal protection since they are new to the market and have less bargaining power than their established competitors.

With these imminent realities in mind, we offer practical and constructive legal advice and solutions at reasonable costs. As we, ourselves, are entrepreneurs, we thoroughly enjoy working with fellow creators. We offer legal services at every stage as your business develops from financing and funding to obtaining licenses and permits to drafting and negotiating various business agreements and to addressing intellectual property issues. We serve in an “in-house” capacity to many of our small business clients where we service their various legal needs since we come to understand their business operations.


daniel-smallbizWe’re here for all of your NYC small business needs.

Since that one client who started it all, our Firm has handled the legal needs of a wide variety of small businesses across New York. From some of the newest and best restaurants across Manhattan, to bakeries, tech startups, import/export, entertainment venues and even Life Coaching based businesses, we continue to cover the gamut. We’re keenly aware of the stresses that small business have to deal with, and provide legal products that address those, and still, you know, leave you with some money in the bank.


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